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coming down, fast. >> 12 homes were evacuated and people navigated throughout the streets. >> we didn't know how long we're going to be evacuated for. >> the water found the source of the spewing water. >> there is an 8 inch pipe. that sheared off. >> an old pipe, 35 gallons of water made its way down the hill. crews man yanled to shut it down. >> the debris did not impact homes directly. just streets and cars parked around the area. >> still, people here are now left with an unstable hillside. it could crumble. >> that hill could come down at any moment. >> nobody is more concerned than arturo. >> someone might be watching
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us. the space everybody is here a lot. >> in case you're wondering this is a park. now, hillside was inspected earlier today. the city says first order of business will be to of course stabilize that hillside. >> pipe creating that mess is part of a reservoir system. you can see it here from sky p, built 78 years ago. the original section of daily city. now, it took just 0 minutes to ice yol yait and stop the leak. crews just moved that valve closer up the hill to the reservoir last year during that upgrade. >> this section just sheered off. telling us that they're dealing with the age of the pipe. >> officials say tlorj pipes that serve the original
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section of dale wrae city. they're trying to assess vulnerabilities. >> it turns out cars will be stuck in the muck this, is a picture of the scene tonight. the city working to make sure no more mud comes down if it rains later this week. leather? >> it's been all hands on deck from the city here today. daily city cleaning up the street. there is no sign left of the mud and muck and debris came down this morning. nobody one making sure that hillside stays intact. they're going to take measures in case it rains this week. julio's car was one of the first to be dug out. he pulled out around 5:00.
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in the dark he heard water but didn't see the mud. >> could you not see the mud yet? >> just water. i don't know that. >> water spilling out of an eight inch pipe cut a gulch. a section of pipe about 25 feet across fell away with a shear break at either end. rain is expected later this week. >> that is what we're take skpg to put down some of the materials and try to stabilize the gulch created as a result. >> the sandy mud cut a swath of misery, swapping what was a grassy field and trapping parked cars in the grip. nick cage tried to drive through an intersection
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thinking it's just water. he got stuck and struggled home through mud two feet deep. >> was there difficulty in walking back through the mud? >> it's hard to pull up. >> yes. >> his om bos is not sympathetic. >> what kind of mud? there is no rain. >> man yule watched as his car sat trapped. he missed around important training day in his nursing program. >> we're stuck here. >> job one was cleaning up the street. job two to stabilize the hillside. third figuring out what to do
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about mud covering hillside park. >> car owners dheening up the damage and can get reimbursed. >> we're here now with information victims need to know. >> yes. the first place victims turn to is their insurance company. >> i think they're going to cover it. >> he may not have to worry about that. victims can file a claim with the city. claichl forms available now. each claim reviewed with the outside manager. the pipeline that bursed belonged to the city of daily city. it's important to know your auto insurance won't cover
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unless you purchase comprehensive coverage. a representative says not all california drivers carry comprehensive. >> if you own that car outright you may not have comprehensive. >> why? it's not mandatory in the state of california. banks, however, make sure you carry it. they make you. so if that happens to you, check your policy. you must have comprehensive to be covered. >> thank you. >> michael is going to be back coming up at 6:00 going to show you the best way to make a claim and a closer look at the bay area aging infrom a structure and it may be a disaster waiting to happen. >> let's move on now. four people from san francisco are in jail tonight. suspected of possessing or
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distributing child pornography. officers targeted six homes in a suite today. authorities say they will continue to investigate what is goinging on in two homes which did not lead to arrests. those in custody goring to face charges. >> walnut creek police released surveillance videos hoping for help catching the men who kidnapped a woman, forcing her to withdraw money from atms on wednesday. allen? >> detectives hoping work pays off. victim was bound, gagged and blind folded. the detectives deduced they drove her to two atm locations and made several cash withdrawals. detectives say the 57-year-old female is in the back seat of the car with the suspect number one went by the name of david.
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suspect two drove the car, pulled down a ski mask. >> one point he did have a mask on. in the video after a win or two, he covers a space around. it would appear he left down his guard for a brief moment. >> police say the suspect may not be the real names. they kidnapped a woman from the parking lot of the office where he worked and after a three and a half hour ordeal they left the woman in a neighborhood still tied up. she believes they drove off n in an older model truck with a loud muffler. now, one of the two suspects has been revealed. police are hoping the public can help identify that man we've just shown you. >> the strike plan employees
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for railly's chain is over. the union and company have a beal tonight. not until a marathon negotiating section. it's been a tense week it has. i can tell you the management seems they're happy they've made a deal to end that strike. there are streams of excitement. the company through every tool they had they didn't back down one inch. >> negotiators ended the strike by coming to terms over wages and railly proposal to get rid of health care benefits for retirees. the strike was the first strike in the 77 year history of the chain.
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>> we're not asking for anything more. we're asking to keep what we have. >> yesterday, i spoke with a railly spokesperson by phone. he confirmed to meet strike caused their business to take a hit but negotiating new terms was necessary for the company to stay competitive. we're under fierce attacks moving to expand to sell groceries. we've got to lower operating costs. >> railly sent this to abc 7 news. >> this is exciting because this contract provides us with soft savings we need to fund our vision. union members did share this.
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>> our objective of obtaining medical for members and retirees has been maintained. >> railly's met with union members and unions reached contract agreement was other stores now, railly's and knob hill have been the only hol holdouts. now, union members will have to take the contract to the members for a vote. both sides say they're happy an agreement has been made before the thanksgiving holiday. >> still to come a medical test that may no longer require fasting. >> we're going to take a look at newest players to be caught up in this drama. >> i'm sandhya patel. the rain rain gear for days.
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when the switch will take place, coming up. >> a look at what is kind the streaks in the bay area sky today. >> a look at the clean up after a water main break trigger aid huge mudslide forcing evacuations and
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a top military leader could be the scandal that started david petraeus's affair. general john allen is under investigation for owe potentially inappropriate e mails. the complaint about an anonymous e mail that
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uncovered petraeus affair. general allen deny s wrong doing but allegations could cost him one of the jobs in the military. >> the president has cut on hold the nomination pending the investigation of the conduct by the department of defechbs. >> reports say investigators shifting through 20,000 pages of durmts involving allen and kelly. >> the story is very complicated so let's take a look at the players and how they're connected. david petraeus admits he had an affair with his biographer, kelly is a close family friend of david petraeus. right? following me so far? an fbi investigation revealed kelly and general john allen exchanged e mails some described as flirtatious skpin
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appropriate. general allen received an e mail trace to paula broadwell found alarming he told kelly that may have triggered the investigation. there is a fifth player in this. right here. an fbi agent to whom kelly turns to for help. he was taken off the case because supervisors felt he was infatuated with kelly. they knew each other before the investigation began. he sent her shirtless photos of himself. there you have it for now.. >> what a tangled web that goes on. >> three oakland police officers that delivered a baby were reunited today with the infant and parents. he is named nolan. officers talking to a clerk at the station. the frantic farther told them his wife was in labor. they couldn't make it to the hospital. one cop pud been a thursday.
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>> great, wonderful experience. and being a police officer is what i wanted to do. >> the officer that's delivered him received first aid training and n.delivering a baby. knollan is living proof it paid off what. a straight story. >> sandhya patel is here with weather. >> nolan came in with the streak as cross the sky. we fast forwarded this video. there is crisscrossing patterns making caused by trailer kond yensation. this is due to more humidity in the sky. pattern is an area where there
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is heavily traveled traffic in the air. so we got the calls from different viewers. this is something we thoigt makes for a lot of talk here in town. you're not looking at trails you're looking at high clouds have been moving across the skies. it's a beautiful day. temperatures this afternoon from mid 60s to low 70s. half moon bay, 72 degrees. it's november. we have high clouds to the north and north bay. high clouds i just showed you from south beach camera. that system did send us high clouds this afternoon. fairfield dropped down to 58
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degrees. warmer day tomorrow, a rainy pattern setting up by the end of the week. it's going to be a big change from what we're seeing right now what we're going to see, tomorrow, tomorrow morning, upper 30s. you'll need to bundle up. around the bay and along the coast mid to upper whos to low 50s. here is a look had high pressure. a dirty ridge. it's strong enough to keep storms away for now. this is why you'll see clouds. a storm is developing this, is going to bring us wet weather. high clouds moving through. company still controls weather. things change thursday. clouds kinning to thicken.
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by friday, the storm starts to bring in rain. we have systems coming through here throughout monday, possibly, tuesday, rainfall up to four inches in wattest locations. three inches in the north bay. about two inch as cross the heart of the bay area. so preparing for a wet pattern. dwoitsing to last. say hello to reality check. 72 in cupertino. it's going to be beautiful tomorrow. 72 degrees redwood city. looking at the coast, clear skies low 70s. daily city, low 70s, sunset district, up into the nompl bay we go. heading out towards the east bay it's a beautiful, mild day. 7 owe 0 degrees in concord and livermore, 73 degrees inland.
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accu-weather forecast, sunny skies, and mild tomorrow. a little bit of a cool down but showers arrive friday. rain possibly thunder saturday. getting cooler on sunday, more wet weather right on throughout monday. so get ready for a switch in the weather pattern. >> coming up, part of california history, stolen. >> why thousands of ballots won't be counted. it has nothing to do with results of the race. we'll be right back here.
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thieves hit a east bay museum, police reviewing history from the oakland museum after a breck in at about 11:30, criminals took off with artifacts and precious metals. the objects have more historical than monetary value. officials say the security alarm did go off dur the break in. officer arrived just three minutes later. >> health item tonight a study suggests it's not necessary to fast before taking a cholesterol test. two researchers reach that had conclusion after studying records of 200,000 people who underwent a check they found there was a% difference in the average cholesterol levels between people who said they fasted before the test and those who said they hadn't.
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tonight at 11:00 when a blow to the head gets very serious, it happened to alex smith but concussions are happening to kids, too. we're going take a look at what happens inside of the brain. one thing you need to know to prevent permanent damage, tonight at 11:00. >> the site web md honoring a san carlos said setting oup a foundation to help others survive, then, she and her husband set up a lung cancer medical institute to collect tissue, blood and plasma samples from lung cancer patients to help researchers fiend a cure. >> that is such a terrific story. >> raiders coming off a loss
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but reefing out to the community. >> their visit to a school and check they delivered, next. 8t ñp
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coming up at 6:00 the bay area built car that can't go more than a few hundred miles at a time. that story and more coming up at 6:00. >> an east bay school received star attention today. >> raiders visited a school this morning talking to students about staying healthy. >> taking kids through fun drills and presented the school with a $10,000 check. >> we're gettinged for raiders day. that is when we're going to broadcast the game in oakland. >> there is a special this is "world news."

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